Ducati Super Sport 900 The Operator

Some time in the foreseeable future the advent of an apocalypse due to a zombie outbreak, nuclear war or perhaps even global warming, will cause the total breakdown of society as we know it. When this disaster happens the majority of the survivors will more than likely become desert roaming vigilantes fighting to the death for the next tank of fuel or can of dog food. Never fear though, not everyone will be out to dismember you or throw you in a cage with a giant gladiator just for laughs. There is one who stands against all that is evil and is prepared to aid those in need during the end of times and it's been made by Icon. This is Icon's custom Ducati Super Sport 900 they call "The Operator" and it's here to help stitch your arms back on and set you on your wasteland way.

Bruised and battered from field duty the Super Sports "extraneous mass" of body panels and plastic aerodynamics have been torn away. The Operator is ready to go into battle acting in both a medical support role and as a supply mule. This custom Ducati is 'function over form' and it's another addition to the Post Apocalyptic Icon 1000 lineup of custom motorcycles.

"The previous owner rode her like he stole her, which he did. We ride her like we hate her, which we don’t, but its a clever thing to say."

Icon has yet again managed to build a bike devoid of all the bling, but as cool as any 10,000 hour custom build out there (guess who is a huge fan of Mad Max?). The Super Sport was purchased for a steal apparently after it was actually stolen and subsequently stacked (that's Aussie for crashed). The engine still ran but most of the bodywork was already destroyed so the choice to do away with the rest was simple. The subframe had also sustained substantial damage so Icon took to it with angle grinders and pipe benders before a thin coat of rattle can black was applied.

The original Ducati banana yellow on the tank was covered with satin black that looks to have been applied with a roller, yet it still looks vastly better than the factory paint scheme. Ex-military munitions crates, mounted on the tail have enough storage space to supply a small army with morphine and antiseptic hand sanitiser, mounted on custom made plates and brackets.

Low profile, high visability LED lighting sits on the front and the rear of the Ducati along with a front mounted diffuser which I like to think is bulletproof, although it's more likely that it's a scrap of aluminium they had lying around. Finally Icon added their mark to the bike with a spattering of branded decals and some UN approved first aid symbols and a couple of quirky hand lettering. Again it's certainly not the average bike you'll see here on my site but I seem to be getting a kick out everything the Icon 1000 crew are coming up with!