Monster 900 Board Tracker by Jeroen Haazen

Un nostro lettore olandese ci invia la sua trasformazione di un Monster 900 del 1994. Creativo!

Inspiration was the old ducati 860 gts due thrue its, blue, black and silver colors… everybody makes there ducati red or italian flag colors, I wanted to do something diverend.
The project started with an old 1994 ducati monster 900 and this was completely stripped to every bold. The frame was shortened to make an agressive and fast look.
The single swing arm is from an ducati S2R and made fit for the monster project.
The exhaust is an adapted road racing exhaust and wrapped with heat-tape.
Rims are from an Ducati multistrada 1000S just as the brake and clutch pumps, the levers are cnc worked aluminium and anodised in the color blue. Mirrors are from the world wide web.
The front springs are from a younger model Monster and the brakes from an Multistrada as wel.
Double headlights with led indicators and at the back led back/brake and indicators all in one were fitted.
Custom made licence plate holder and led lights.
Speedo is from koso, fits on a cnc fabricated holder and adapted to the original wire boom and works perfectly incl shift indicator.
Front fender is a customized Multistrada front fender without the legs.
All new Hell brake and clutch lines were fitted in blue incl blue coloured racing brake fluid.
Home made see true Perspex belt covers were fitted.
Engine was completely broken down and rebuild with all new parts and delivers over 75 brake horse power and 87 nm at the back wheel (performance on a powerbank).
Carburettors were fitted with K&N open air filters. 
New tsubaki chain and sprocket was fitted.
Steps are the original but home adapted.
Rear 190 new tire was fitted to make a fat back sight.
Paint job done by a special friend of me with over 10 layers of paint to get the deep blue effect of the paint  and the decals are under the clear coat.
The monster won 3th price at the 2014 Ducati special day.

Greetings Jeroen Haazen
Liessel the netherlands