Speedtractor’s 750 Ducati Scrambler

With air head BMWs already a go-to machine, our desire was to explore other air cooled V or L twins’ potential as scramblers and so began “The Italian Job” project.

Stripping everything off and with just the bare engine, frame and concept sketches before us, we added back only those elements absolutely required. Ducati’s dominant visual language was respected for a cohesive finished product. Single seat and rack allows luggage to fit securely while completing the bikes silhouette, rather than perching on the seat or rear guard. One-off LED tail light, crafted to match frame rail thickness and echo the curves of the maker’s logo on the engine block, is just one of many subtle details found on this build.

High and wide bars combined with revised foot controls give ergonomics closer to an endure machine than the original 750 Sport’s race oriented stance. One-off foot pegs and controls use a hefty motocross style hanger, placed down 50mm and forward 150mm, so the rider’s feet site neatly below the hips. Bar clamps machined to fit the original upper triple clamp and medium rise vintage bend bars complete the control package.

Shaving the kilos while adding ground clearance, a one off stainless 2 into 1 pipe neatly follows the lines of the frame and terminates in a GP style pipe. A Whitepower monoshock increases performance and ride height at the rear.

Spoked wheels, Akront, retain front twin disc with brembo caliper set up, aided by stainless mesh lines, while the rear is a bespoke combination of components carefully massaged to fit.

From any angle, its geometric lines and heavily V shape mean the hallowed front to rear horizontal character line through tank and seat was not going to be easily found, setting a course that culminated in a truly astounding machine with ample power on tap from this torquy 750cc twin meaning performance lives up to its looks.

Motor: 750cc Ducati L Twin
Seat: One-off scrambler tuck roll
Headlight:  One-off headlight cage mount,Twin spotlight quick release with analogue mini speedo
Handlebars: One off engineered bar clamp top bridge with Vintage Tracker Bend bars.
Foot Controls: One-off MX peg mid-mount with integral brake/gear levers
Tail Light: One-off steel LED
Brakes: twin disc front with brembo calipers, stainless mesh lines and Brembo master cylinder
Exhaust: One off stainless 2 into 1 GP high pipe
Frame: Ducati trellis with TIG welded Chro-moly custom subframe
Suspension:White Power racing
Wheels: 17 inch, Akront 36 spoke, custom hub and brake hangers