Pierobon X80R

L'ultima X80R interpreta questi concetti, partendo dal bicilindrico opportunamente rivisitato di una Ducati 848, "stretto" da un telaio a traliccio in pregiata lega di alluminio 7020; stesso materiale utilizzato anche per il forcellone. Lo scopo dei progettisti è stato quello di andare alla ricerca di una estrema rigidità torsionale, senza incidere negativamente sul peso della moto. Motivo, che ha spinto anche ad utilizzare leggerissima e resistente fibra di carbonio per le carene, con il risultato finale di staccare un interessante 150 Kg sul "piatto" della bilancia.
Impianto di scarico Termignoni dal carattere factory, sospensioni Öhlins e un potentissimo sistema frenante targato Brembo, completano l'opera.

Ducati may be moving away from the supersport category for sport bikes, but thanks to Italian engineering firm Pierobon, the market won’t be without a Ducati-powered supersport-class machine.
Accordingly, we are happy to be the first to show you the Pierobon X80R – a track bike that takes the Ducati 848 Superbike engine, and wraps it in the usually goodies that Pierobon has become known for in the two-wheeled space.
In case the name Pierobon is a new one for you, the Italian firm is a regular in the world racing scene. You may recall the company’s trellis frame kit for the Ducati 1199 Panigale, their tricked out Ducati 899 Panigale, and of course the Pierobon X60R & Pierobon F042 hstreet motorcycles.
Regular readers will note some similarities between the X80R supersport and the X60R air-cooled superbike, and that is because the two models’ EN AW-7020 aluminum alloy frames and swingarms share the same general philosophy that comes from Pierobon.
The Italians say that their focus has been to provide greater torsional rigidity to the chassis, without compromising lightness and compactness. As such, the tubes are mounted very closely to the engine, which Pierobon says results in better handling performance and agility of the bike.
Similarly, the box-section double-sided swingarm uses an under-braced design, with the aim for maximum edge-grip, acceleration, and corner entry.
Of course, the power plant on the Pierobon X80R is very different from the other models. The Ducati 848 Superbike lump has been sourced for the X80R, though it seems Pierobon can adapt the X80R design to accept any four-valve Ducati lump.
You can of course buy the X80R as a kit, with the trellis frame, subframe, swingarm, fuel tank, rearsets, and other bits from Pierobon being used in conjunction with pieces off of a donor bike.
Pierobon has tried to make the conversion as easy as possible, so the fuel tank mounts any 848, 1098, 1198 fuel pump, while the rear subframe will allow the mounting of any 848, 1098, 1198 undertail exhaust. You can get bodywork in either fiberglass or carbon fiber, we suggest the latter.
When it is all said and done, Pierobon says you can get the X80R down to 330 lbs, which should certainly attract any racer, track day enthusiasts, or purveyor of nice things. Bring your wallet though, because that sort of performance and exclusivity won’t be cheap.
If you happen to be in Milan, for the 2015 EICMA show, you should stop by Pierobon’s booth and checkout the X80R first-hand.